What People Do in The Bahamas

What do you enjoy doing on Long Island?

We found out that there are lots of things to do and places to explore on such a diverse island. There are many beaches we enjoy such as Dean’s Blue Hole a natural wonder of the world. Then there’s the south side with its many untouched beaches, the Salinas in which we can kayak, and its shallow sandy turquoise waters, in which there are bountiful fish. The north side which has the Atlantic side beaches but just as intriguing with many finds of shells and unusual pink sand that we like using for arts and crafts.

We love the adventure and exploration of finding new places on the island just as Christopher Columbus came to discover the New World of which Long Island was his third stop. The monument is in Cape Santa Maria, it is dedicated to the people of Long Island which were the gentle native Lucycans. Their history is very interesting: they knew the island like the back of their hands without any maps and compasses. We enjoy rambling through the ruins of the islands plantation and salt-raking history. Rummaging in the bush also brings the rewards of bush tea/medicine and bird-watching.

We enjoy sailing and pretty much anything to do with boating. There is the annual Long Island Regatta in which we and most of the people of the island get quite excited to watch hand built boats from all over the Bahamas race against one another.

Long Island is a diamond in the rough but it becomes a treasure to all who get to experience its raw beauty. In this world it’s hard to find a beach where the only footprints in the sand are yours.