IMG_1276Welcome to Long Island, Bahamas located 345 miles south of Miami, Florida. Heralded as the most scenic of all the islands in The Bahamas. In fact, when the Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus arrived here in 1492, he was so much in awe of its natural beauty he felt compelled to record it in his ships’s log as “the most beautiful island in the world” If you are looking for the perfect place to unwind and relax from the outside world, where peace and tranquility abounds, where there is adventure on land and place to satisfy your senses and experience the best and most memorable island ever!

Rest assured you will find many treasures as your explore our island. However, our most prized possessions are the people of Long Island, who are warm and friendly and known for genuine hospitality. Visitors are always welcome and we love meeting new people and making friends.

IMG_0280Long Island offers 80 miles of contrasting coastlines from rolling hills to dramatic  cliffs, unique cave systems, beautiful expanses of soil, sandy beaches and numerous peaceful coves to enjoy. We are home to Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest known blue hole, where international free-diving events are held. Long Island is a fishing island with some of the best bone fishing and sports fishing in the world. For the diving and snorkeling enthusiasts the wonders of tour underwater life beckon you to an unforgettable encounter. If this is not enough, explore the historical sites from our past, visit the Adderley’s Plantation Ruins, the Columbus monument, The Long Island museum and Library and our historic churches. The native restaurants in our charming settlements will entice you to a real authentic dining experience